11-03-2022 until 05-05-2022 at the Old Archaeological Museum in Thessaloniki

Small Odysseys

Experiences collected.

Stories shared

Small Odysseys enables artistic exchange, promotes artists,  exchange experiences and practices and builds bridges between cultures. By sharing personal stories artistically we connect between each other and towards a larger audience.

An Artistic and InterNational Bridge

A series of exhibitions

Albert van Abbehuis - EINDHOVEN

6th of November – 12th of December 2021

First exhibition of the Small Odysseys will be taking place at the Albert van Abbehuis. During the exhibition 17 artists from Eindhoven and 17 artists from Thessaloniki will exhibit and further artists will join flexibly during activities to share their stories.

Old Archaeological Museum - THESSALONIKI

11th of March – 5th of May 2022

The second exhibition will will take place in Thessaloniki. The home of 17 of the participating artists.

artists from Eindhoven & Thessaloniki 

Presenting Artists

A stunning collection of artists who have a long track record of high quality art work and are nationally and internationally recognised have joined for the upcoming exhibitions. All of those artist will create and contribute pieces towards the exhibitions Small Odysseys.


A small preview OF the exhibition 

Artists Contributions

Exiles Art print from Marina Provatidou

My grandmothers wedding

Marina Provatidou

Anouk Bax Close(d)


Anouk Bax

Gery Bouw Gambia

Truth of sickness

Ioannis Anastasiou

Activities alongside the exhibition

Small Odysseys brought to life.

Word artists

Poeziëmiddag.Poetry Reading. On the afternoon of the 7th of November from 15.00 - 17.00 the PoetryClub Eindhoven will have a poetry reading. The poets will recite and have prepared pieces related to the  exhibition, exhibiting artists and the topic of the Small...

Textile Design

Inspired by Ariadnes thread. Absorbing the surrounding of the AVA Albert van Abbehuis location and turning it into a guiding string leading the visitor to the art pieces of the Small Odysseys exhibition. Ionna Barré a French Textile Designer, living in Eindhoven is...

I like to support the Project.

If you like to support the project get in touch with us and share what you had in mind.

I am an artist 

If you are an artist and you believe you have a story to tell or love to work on the topics of Small Odysseys, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Small Odysseys is supported by Stichting Cultuur Eindhoven.

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